I never pegged Taylor Swift for a Kendrick Lamar fan.

Nirvana- About A Girl (Bleach)

Jack White - There’s room in rock and roll for you and the Foo Fighters. I’m a big fan of yours and the FFs (and Rolling Stone). Rant didn’t come off like a joke, more like jealousy. You and Dave Grohl seem to be equally interested in keeping the history of rock and roll as part of it’s present and future. Have Dave down to Third Man Records and cut a duet. Seriously.


Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. There are plenty of year-round Christmas stores in America, but what distinguishes this one is its sheer scale and scope. It’s as big as a museum, almost on the scale of a theme park: there’s a hotel, there’s a singing Santa, there are rooms upon rooms of densely-packed Christmas paraphernalia. Nearly every dimension of the commercial Christmas industry is represented here, from trees to candles to creches to candy. Best of all, the complex is built in the form of a giant miniature Christmas village. You would think that “giant” and “miniature” would cancel each other out, but somehow they don’t—that’s the magic of Christmas Place.

Ten Awesome Places I Visited on My Southern U.S. Road Trip That You Should Visit Too

Photos by Lindsay DeLand

I agree. My wife and I go there twice every trip we make to Pigeon Forge (first night & last night). This place is in a class by itself.